Electronic incoming mail

We offer solutions for an electronic mail inbox

In most companies today hundreds of letters, faxes, e-mails and other documents from various sources go to various locations and to a wide variety of recipients. The processing of the mail that arrives every day affects nearly all the employees and departments in the company. The incoming mail must be opened, checked, forwarded, stamped, and copied, archived or deleted as applicable. In addition to the manual costs resulting at several points, often important documents such as invoices, contract documents, etc. are left lying around or even get lost.

What is understood by electronic incoming mail or an electronic inbox is the central digitization, electronic distribution and digital archiving of all incoming paper documents, faxes, e-mails and other documents in the company. After the preparation and scanning of paper documents and the capture of documents that have already been digitized these are first of all sorted by document type and process using intelligent document classification and recognition (OCR & Data Capturing) and then read and checked. Depending on the type of document and process, the individual documents are then forwarded directly via an electronic work flow to the relevant department, where they can be processed. In parallel with this, all documents and data are archived in accordance with the auditing requirements so that no documents can get lost and all authorized employees can access the relevant documents.

For an electronic inbox in your company we offer OCR, Data Capturing and document classification solutions for the automatic classification, processing, and checking of all incoming documents, work flow solutions for the distribution and forwarding of documents, and ECM/DMS solutions for the archiving of documents and processes in accordance with the auditing requirements. These solutions include, in addition to the required software, a complete service all the way from consulting to installation and configuration up to training, documentation and support.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Timely and efficient processing and checking of incoming documents by means of intelligent voucher recognition (OCR/Data Capturing)
  • Reliable distribution and forwarding of documents in the company, including the monitoring of the flow of vouchers via electronic work flow
  • Secure archiving of documents and data and rapid access to information thanks to archiving in conformity with auditing requirements (DMS/ECM)
  • Overall: Better efficiency, greater process reliability and a greater degree of transparency.